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Discover the cost-effective and versatile solution for your deep foundation needs. As a B2B company, we specialize in meeting the demands of the construction industry, offering a range of helical piles that can revolutionize your foundation projects.

Manufactured in the USA

We take pride in producing strong, top-tier helical piles in the United States, employing an automated assembly line to ensure high-quality and consistent products.

We Ship Nationwide

We are based in Moncks Corner, SC, but provide high-quality products and reliable shipping services to contractors nationwide.


Why Choose Helical Piles?

Helical piles have gained popularity due to their adaptability and affordability. Our helical foundation system offers the performance of traditional deep foundation systems without the high mobilization costs, spoils, and vibrations. Whether you require compression or tension applications, helical piles are designed to meet your specific project requirements.


Our Helical Pile Varieties

At Rhodes Helical Piles, we offer a variety of helical piles to suit different needs. Our helical piles can be made into solid square steel shafts or a variety of round shafts, depending on specific job requirements. Installation is achieved by rotating the pier shaft, causing the helical plate to advance into the ground, similar to a wood screw. Helical piers are primarily used to resist compression and lateral loading. We also fabricate custom caps depending on the job requirement, whether it be supporting concrete slabs or an existing foundation.

Competitive Pricing

Reach out to us today and let’s discuss the possibility of price matching and potentially scoring an additional 5% discount compared to quotes from leading manufacturers of helical piles. While we can’t guarantee specific prices online, we’re open to negotiating and finding mutually beneficial pricing arrangements. Our goal is to provide the best value to our customers, and if there’s an opportunity to save you more money, we’ll explore it together. With our dedication to customer satisfaction, we can work with you to find the right price for your needs.


Standard Helical Piles

We offer all different standard helical piles, each designed to meet specific load requirements. Our standard piles are built to provide stability and strength while minimizing soil disturbance. These helical piles are meticulously engineered to function independently, ensuring the capacity of each helix is not influenced by others on the shaft.


Custom Helical Piles

In addition to our standard helical piles, we cater to custom requests. We understand that each construction project has unique needs, and we are dedicated to providing tailored solutions. Our team of experts will work closely with you to design and manufacture custom helical piles that meet your exact specifications.

Quality and Expertise

With years of experience in the industry, Rhodes Helical Piles has been committed to delivering exceptional products and services. We utilize 100% US steel in our manufacturing process, ensuring the highest quality and durability for your foundation projects. Our helical piles are ICC Certified, a testament to our adherence to industry standards and regulations.

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High-Quality Helical Pile Manufacturer in the United States

Rhodes Helical Piles is one of few H-pile manufacturers in the US that can manufacture them, and ship them to contractors. We offer high-quality helical piles that are competitively priced to cost less than helical pile manufacturers that have been around much longer. Contact Rhodes Helical Piles today to discuss your foundation needs, explore our product range, and request a quote. You’ll see you can count on us to be your trusted partner for cost-effective, reliable, and versatile deep foundation solutions.

Guaranteed Affordability and Nationwide Shipping

At Rhodes Helical Piles, we are committed to offering competitive prices, guaranteeing that our rates are comparable to any US competitor. You can rely on us to deliver high-quality helical piles within your budget. We are near Charleston, SC, and we provide shipping services anywhere in the United States, ensuring that our products reach you promptly and efficiently.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • We Have Several Years of Experience in the Industry
  • Our Helical Piles are Made of 100% US Steel
  • Our Helical Piles are ICC Certified
  • We Provide a Variety of Standard Helical Piles
  • We Fulfill Custom Helical Pile Requests
  • Our Rates Are Cheaper Than Any US Competitor
  • We Ship Our Products Nationwide

Why Helical Piles?

Helical piles strengthen residential and commercial foundations. They increase load-bearing capacity, improve stability, distribute structure weight more evenly, help prevent settling, and minimize the risk of foundation failure. They can be installed in various soil conditions, making them versatile for many construction projects.

Strength and Improved Stability for…


Piers, Docks, and Boathouse Foundations


Commercial Building Foundations


Drilling Rig Foundations


Billboard and Sign Foundations


Parking Garage Foundations… and more.


Our Service Area:


Located in Moncks Corner, SC, we service the entire country with USA-made, high-quality products with reliable shipping services to contractors nationwide.

Get In Touch With Us Today for Your Helical Pile Needs

Rhodes Helical Piles is your one-stop-shop for all your helical pile needs. Whether you need a standard helical pile option or have a custom request, we have you covered. No order is too big or small for us to fulfill. Contact us today for affordable helical piles made of 100% US steel.

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