Helical Piles: Solid Foundations for Your Projects

At Rhodes Helical Piles, we offer a comprehensive range of helical piles that provide unmatched stability and load-bearing capacity for a wide variety of applications. Our helical piles are engineered to ensure the durability and strength of your structures, from residential projects to large-scale industrial developments. We understand that each project is unique, and while we provide a selection of standardized options, we also excel in delivering custom solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Available Helical Pile Options

2" Round

14 Tons Allowable Capacity: This option is perfect for smaller residential and light commercial applications where space is limited but stability is crucial.

2.875" Round

17.5 to 21 Tons Allowable Capacity: A versatile option that balances load-bearing capacity with adaptability for various projects.

3" Round

9 to 22 Tons Allowable Capacity: This option offers a broad capacity range, making it suitable for small and large-scale projects.

3.5" Round

20 to 24 Tons Allowable Capacity: This option is ideal for medium-sized structures that require reliable support.

4" Round

36 to 50 Tons Allowable Capacity: This is our heavy-duty option. It is designed to withstand substantial loads in industrial and commercial applications.

5" Round

68 to 98 Tons Allowable Capacity: This option provides robust support for larger buildings and infrastructure projects.

7" Round

84 to 137 Tons Allowable Capacity: This option is suited for substantial projects demanding superior load-bearing capacity.

8" Round

69 to 102 Tons Allowable Capacity: This option strikes a balance between strength and versatility, making it adaptable for a wide range of applications.

9" Round

140 Tons Allowable Capacity: This option is designed for the most demanding industrial and infrastructure projects.

10" Round

205 Tons Allowable Capacity: This option is the pinnacle of load-bearing capability, ensuring stability for even the most massive structures.


We Also Make Custom Helical Piles

While these standardized options cover a wide spectrum of needs, we understand that your project may require unique specifications. That’s where our expertise in custom solutions comes into play. We collaborate closely with you to engineer helical piles that precisely match your project’s requirements, ensuring your foundation is solid and tailored to your vision.


Choose Rhodes Helical Piles for Your H-Pile Needs

At Rhodes Helical Piles, we’re committed to providing the industry’s most reliable, durable, and customizable foundation solutions. Contact us today to discuss your project and discover how our helical piles can provide the foundation you need for success. Our team will gladly answer any of your questions.


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