Frequently Asked Questions About Helical Piles

Contractors, engineers, and architects may be unfamiliar with helical piles as an anchor system for foundations that is both solid and economically appealing. Helical piles are an important aspect of structural support – especially with larger buildings that require heavy building materials for stability. These piles are designed to distribute the weight of a structure evenly across soil, reducing the risk of settlement or shifting. Additionally, helical piles have the advantage of being easy to install in areas with limited access or poor soil conditions.

To understand helical piles better, we’ve put together some frequently asked questions to better describe them, how they’re used, and the advantages of using them in construction projects as well as foundation repair.

1. What Are Helical Piles?

Helical piles are a modern and effective solution for deep foundation systems. These piles consist of steel shafts with helical-shaped plates attached at the bottom, allowing them to be mechanically screwed into the ground. This unique design provides exceptional load-bearing capacity and stability, making helical piles a preferred choice in construction projects. Furthermore, the helical plates facilitate ease of installation and reduce the need for excessive excavation.

2. How Do Helical Piles Work?

Helical piles work by using the helical plates to screw or twist into the soil, creating a secure and stable foundation. The helical shape allows them to resist vertical and horizontal loads effectively.

3. Where Are Helical Piles Used?

Helical piles are used in a variety of applications, including residential, commercial, industrial, and infrastructure projects. They are commonly used in areas with unstable or weak soil conditions.

4. What Are The Advantages of Helical Piles?

  • Quick installation with minimal equipment and disruption.
  • Immediate load-bearing capacity after installation.
  • Can be installed in confined spaces.
  • Suitable for both new construction and foundation repair.
  • Can be used in various soil types.

5. What Are The Different Types of Helical Piles?

There are several types of helical piles, including square shaft piles, round shaft piles, and helical anchors. The choice of type depends on the specific project requirements and soil conditions.

6. How Are Helical Piles Installed?

Helical piles are typically installed using hydraulic machinery that screws them into the ground to a predetermined depth. Installation depth and torque values are monitored to ensure proper load-bearing capacity.

7. Can Helical Piles Be Used in Environmentally Sensitive Areas?

Yes, helical piles are considered environmentally friendly because they generate minimal soil disturbance compared to other foundation methods. They can be a good choice for projects in ecologically sensitive areas.

8. What Is The Lifespan of Helical Piles?

Yes, helical piles are considered environmentally friendly because they generate minimal soil disturbance compared to other foundation methods. They can be a good choice for projects in ecologically sensitive areas.

9. Are Helical Piles Suitable for Seismic Regions?

Yes, helical piles can be designed to withstand seismic forces. Engineers can specify helical pile designs that account for seismic activity based on the project’s location and requirements.

10. Do Helical Piles Require Maintenance?

Helical piles are generally low-maintenance. However, periodic inspections may be necessary to ensure they remain in good condition, especially if the structure they support experiences settlement or other issues.

11. Can Helical Piles Be Removed if Needed?

Helical piles can be removed, but it is a complex and costly process compared to their installation. Removal typically involves unscrewing them from the ground.

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